Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Waist Training Update #1

Waist Training Update 1

Yes. The reason we're all here. Are the bargain corsets doing the trick? Is waist tape necessary? Answer: Beats me. Ask me again in 10 months :D
But seriously, it's not just wearing a corset 23/7 that gives you the figure we all crave. Diet and exercise are just as important. But yeah, I am now officially tight lacing 23/7. I began at 30”, with almost no visible curve from bust to hip. When I measure myself during my hour unsheathed, I measure about 28”. This is temporary obviously, only proving that the bargain corsets do cinch you in tightly enough to make a difference in the short term. (Forgive the sweaty post workout photo. xD) I sleep in the blue & black one and wear the black corset out, because it goes with more clothing. This turned out to have me sleeping in the double boned corset and wearing the single boned corset with waist tape, while doing a lot of my daily activity. I am active in both corsets actually, when you look at my schedule:

7 am: Wake up, drink a slim fast, take my vitamins*, drink 2 glasses of water, walk the dog. During these activities, I’m wearing the double boned corset.

8 am: Clean everything, because no one likes an apartment that smells like dog, no matter how cute he is

9 am: eat something. Cottage cheese with fruit, yogurt with wheat germ, a bowl of oatmeal, or a bowl of cereal. Something small & healthy. Drink more water.

10 am: goof around, play video games, read comic books. Okay, if I’m honest this happens sporadically throughout the day if I’m not otherwise occupied, but it begins at 10 xD

11 am: work on my sewing projects, talk on the phone with my friends. Drink more water. Eat a fiber one bar and some crackers, or a small cup of soup.

12 pm: Take off the corset, do these exercises, plus some push ups & squats and free weights if I feel strong enough. Shower & fix hair, do a pedicure if necessary (because you CANNOT perfectly paint your toes while corseted. Trust me.). Moisturize all over, dress, and then put on the black corset.

1 pm: Walk the dog again, a nice long one.

2 pm: nag my boyfriend on the phone, play with the dog. Drink more water. Eat a salad for lunch.

3 pm: think about what I'm going to make for dinner, walk the dog again because he wants to go out & even the laziest person alive would find it hard to resist that face

4 pm: kiss my boyfriend after a hard day's work & make him a snack. I usually have a fruit smoothie with mangoes, pineapples, strawberries, blueberries, some combination of that, with non fat vanilla yogurt and lots of ice

5 pm: make dinner. I always make enough food to fill my boyfriend's many stomachs, but I don't eat a lot for dinner. We had home made empanadas because he wanted them, but I could only eat one with some tortilla chips & salsa before I was stuffed.  Have more water. Feed the dog. Let him go out in the backyard and have adventures.

6 pm: eat (ok anyone who knows me would laugh at me making dinner and eating on time but it DOES happen sometimes!)

7 pm: laze about with the boyfriend, watch TV or more likely, watch him play MLB the show on the PS3 while I talk to you guys online. Play with the dog. Drink more water.

10 pm: Quickly switch from the black corset to the double boned corset and go to sleep

1 am: wake up because the dog wants to go for a walk. Walk the damn dog. Drink some water when I get back, and try to go back to sleep. >__<

So yeah, I owe my dog a lot, most of my daily exercise comes from him. I'm drinking slim fast in the morning because I bought a ton of it a while ago, and I just want to finish it. I'm not really concerned with weight loss anymore. It took me a while to realize that when I weighed 110 lbs and was a skinny A cup a few years back, that was fine. My disability worsened, and I was unable to work, so I gained weight due to decreased physical activity. Now I'm curvy with a B cup, and I weigh 140 lbs, and that's okay too. I don't need to lose weight to be pretty. Wearing a corset emphasizes your curves. Rather than try to make myself into the way I was, I'm going to work with the body I have now and make it even more fabulous. But I hate to waste money, so I still drink the slim fast shakes in the morning. I blend them with ice and milk, the cappuccino one is pretty good actually.  

*And the vitamins. I take a LOT of vitamins. This is a little off topic, but like a lot of women, especially black women, I have issues with my hair. It never seems to be growing. I mean, it grows, I can tell because I relax my hair, and every 2 months I have a lot of new growth to tame. But it never seems to get longer. It's not that I need a trim, it's that I'm not nourishing my body enough, and my hair breaks off at a rate that negates the amount of growth I do have. This vitamin regimen is designed to strengthen the whole body, which is good for anyone, even if your hair grows long enough already, but also helps your hair, skin and nails. I've only just begun so I can't say for sure if it works or not, but we'll see.


  1. 28 inches already? Congrats! Even if it's just the after corset effect that's still awesome- 2 inches down, 2 closer to your goal. :)

    Thanks for the exercise link, I have scoliosis but I think even I can do a measly 10 crunches a day, and the 'flying stretch' is one of my faves from my army days.

    I think now that part of the reason why I failed at tight lacing before was because I failed at adopting all parts of the lifestyle, my diet and exercise were definitely lacking. ;P

    Also- your schedule is a lot like mine! Except I have a basset hound. Heh. ^_^

  2. Thanks! I was thinking the same thing, it makes me confident enough to order subsequent corsets with a 24 inch waist ^__^
    No prob, I have severe RA in most of my joints, and a good friend with scoliosis, and we can both do those exercises, they're easy. If I'm having a good day pain wise, I can do a lot more. And they're fast, so you won't take too long being out of the corset :)
    Yeah, you've gotta embrace the whole thing. It's not really tough. I eat when I'm hungry, I only work out for 30 minutes a day max. I just eat in small, healthy amounts. When I'm out of slimfast, I'll just replace the early morning calorie fix with a homemade protein shake :)
    Cool! I love basset hounds, they're sooo cute! When are you going to post pics on your blog? :)

  3. I have pictures I can download from my facebook and re upload to it, I think. :) Need to get a camera that works, though, to do anything more extensive than that.

  4. haha I still don't have a camera, I'm just lucky that my boyfriend got a sweet 12MP kodak for his birthday last month, or this would be a pretty sad blog...

  5. My corsets from Europastyle.ent came in today, dude ships with a quickness! Pakistan is where they said they were from, made and shipped. The 'victorian corset' sheet is pretty much useless, I'm glad I already know how to lace a corset! I've got another one on order from him, double boned and all black that should go with more outfits. Maybe I can even wear it under my wedding dress... assuming I can make it into it by the time I need to!

  6. That's great! How do you feel the fit and construction compares to your other corsets from that company you modeled for? I'm dying to hear this. Also, if you don't mind my asking, how did you find my blog? Can't believe I forgot to ask this earlier :D