Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Very Late Update

To everyone who has shamed me for taking so long to update this blog, I apologize. There are many excuses, (illness, busy life, TONS going on) but let's just leap right into what is going on now, corset-wise:

I have lost another inch off my waist

I have a few new corsets

I have been tapped to write a blog for

I have received a corset from Versatile Corsets to evaluate for you all (and advertise)

I honestly do not know which new thing I am more excited about. It’s crazy. How did I lose another inch off my waist? By keeping up with the waist training, eating as I’ve been and exercising for 30 minutes a day while out of the corset. The other 30 minutes I spend bathing, moisturizing and fussing at my hair. Then I realize I can fuss at my hair while in a corset, so I quickly lace up.

One thing that I feel may have really pushed me to losing that last inch, is getting help from my boyfriend to close the corset. For weeks I could wear the corset closed, but it would only stay closed if he tied it. You can see in a previous picture how taut the corset looks when closed. It’s frustrating to have to wear the corset looser when you KNOW you can wear it tighter, because you don’t have anyone to help you (as frequently when I am lacing up, he’s not home.).Very recently I was lacing up before bed, and he was asleep so I didn’t ask for help. And it closed so easily I was stunned. The next day when I was changing it was just as easy. I measured myself and indeed my waist is now 27”, down from 28”. I lost 3 pounds as well. I really do think that being able to wear my corset tighter helped a lot.

As to the new corsets--and why I have not yet reviewed them--the first one is from an eBay seller, and I received it shortly after the last review. It arrived damaged and had to be exchanged. This took a while. The second, also eBay, I purchased because it was too fabulous not to, and it’s a 22”. So I can’t review it, because I’d have to wear it for a while, and I looked hilarious in a 22” corset. Way too small. So I probably won’t be able to review it until next year. The third would be the one I was given by Versatile Corsets. I am taking my time with that review, it’s going to be epic. I’m torn between wanting to hold that corset to a higher standard considering its market value, and wanting to wax poetic about it because it’s so pretty! I will be reviewing it very soon.

And lastly, the writing for It will be very similar to this one, except obviously no advertising or reviewing other companies. It will mainly be about tight lacing, why I do it, what it entails and how it's changed my life. They saw this blog and liked it. They thought their customers would be interested, so they asked me if I would write for their website. I accepted and will soon be writing reviews on their corsets on this blog as well. I don't have one from them yet, but they look good. My introductory post on their site is here. This may not be terribly convincing after such a long time with no updates, but I do plan to write for my personal blog and the blog simultaneously. I love talking about corsets & tight lacing, so having two venues for it is pretty thrilling.

Thanks for your patience, and I'll try not to go for weeks between updates again xD


  1. I noticed your blog on long hair care forum. It is funny, I am trying to get down to Bust size 40FF 25 waist and 40 hips. I have got a corset and I will start wearing it, while I am writing my story. I am very grateful to this blog. Thank you so much!

  2. Hi! Thanks for your comment. I'm so glad that my blog helped you. May I ask where you purchased your corset from, and what type it is?