Friday, September 24, 2010

Waist Training Update

I've been holding steady at 27”. Due to some ordering mishaps, I have yet to secure another corset that closes at 24”, the only ones I currently own that do are the previously reviewed Sadie, and the red leather corset from Corsets Boulevard. Within 2 weeks I hope to possess two new corsets that close at 22"-24" as well. One will be fully custom, and one will be an off the rack corset from I am beginning to suspect that a corset can't do much for you if it's only an inch smaller than your natural waist. I wear the red one as often as possible, but I do still sleep in the satin ones that close at 26”. The Sadie has some incredible cinching power, but I don't wear it as often because of it's color. Forget about sleeping in it, it's too nice. I do need to pick up a new corset to sleep in soon.

Corset Updates

I'd like to let you all know how each bargain corset has held up over the past 3 months. First, the blue and black double boned corset from Europastyle0092. I don't wear it anymore, I felt that the lack of waist tape made the other corsets a better option. I wore it to sleep in for the first two months. Some of the spiral steel boning did force its way out over time, but it's not irreparable. 

Next the black corset from Earstore. I still wear this one regularly, to sleep in and occasionally out walking the dog or something. I'm wearing it in the photos. The only issue I have with it is the flat steel boning in the back. It is not tipped with anything, so the sharp edges did cut small holes and the boning poked out slightly. I was able to repair it but I would have to get rubber boning tips to prevent the boning from cutting its way out again. I hope to replace it with a black custom corset shortly.

My absolute favorite would have to be the red leather corset from Corsets Boulevard. The company redeemed itself by sending me replacement laces very promptly at no cost, after I posted about how frayed the original laces had become during shipping. The leather has minimal signs of wear, and looks great with all my outfits. I wear it all the time. Unfortunately there is a similar problem with the flat steel boning in the back, but it was easily repaired.

San Gennaro’s Feast

Recently we all headed out to the annual feast in Manhattan near Bleeker Street. There is one thing to do at a feast, and we did it. We ate a lot. I had small samples of everything, as usual. Braciole, Italian sausage with peppers and onions, more braciole, a delicious gelato sandwich (basically an ENORMOUS cream puff filled with like 2 lbs of creamy frozen gelato) fried calamari, curly fries, and a funnel cake covered in powdered sugar. I may have had more funnel cake than anything else, but it was worth it.

There was also a lot of walking. Walking is my primary exercise, as it can be done in a corset. I have been experiencing a lot of leg pain due to my disability, so I brought my cane. Wearing the corset has helped me to avoid slumping when I walk with my cane. Many people who use assistive devices to walk develop back problems, but I'm glad to say I will avoid that. My boyfriend and his brother kept asking if I was all right or if I needed to sit down, but I was fine. 

We stayed out later than we should have, but it was a fun night. I loved the corset with that dress. While I was writing this one of my new corsets arrived! I'll post a review soon.