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Ebay Seller Review #2

Review for Ebay Seller earstore, item ‘Steel Boned Black Satin Corset Waist Cincher’

Notes & Disclaimer: I can only vouch for this particular corset, as I have not yet tried out their other styles. I am not a professional corsetiere, just an average Josephina who can tell the difference between a cheap, poorly made, ill fitting corset and one that feels good. An off the rack corset, no matter how well made, will never fit you as well as a custom corset made to fit your individual curves. This seller does not offer custom corsets, only off the rack.

Price + Shipping: $11.05 + $9.85, shipped via USPS Priority Mail

The Auction:
There were 5 bidders, my bidding style is to bid late & bid high. Lucky for me they were cheapskates and I won an allegedly steel boned corset for a measly $11.05 \o/
Note: Be sure to indicate your size in the Note to Seller area on Paypal, as the style of their auctions lists the color & type of corset only, you must tell them while you check out. I forgot to do this AGAIN and had to send a message with that information. This seller was also very nice about it though. XD

Elevator Music: Once again, not too long to wait! I got it 4 days after paying. I was able to use USPS’ tracking system periodically, so I wasn’t worried. The seller’s page says they are in Brooklyn, but the corset shipped from Boston. *shrugs*

The Unboxing: It came in a USPS envelope. Inside was a zippered bag, the corset & identical instructions, laces & garters as the corset from Pakistan. The tags on the inside have no branding but also say 'made in Pakistan'. Hmmm. I noticed right away when unwrapping it that it has waist tape, the one thing the previous corset I reviewed was missing. If you don't know what that is, waist tape is twill tape, tailor's tape, or other sturdy ribbon used to re-enforce the waistline of a corset. It's not essential, but it does increase the durability of a corset by easing stress on the seams along the highest stress point - the waist line. This is A Good Thing. 

The Adornment: Lacing was quick and easy this time around. The laces seemed shorter this time, but maybe it's just that I've been lacing up every day and have gotten used to dealing with them. This corset is perhaps 1 ½" shorter than the previous one I reviewed, coming in at just under 12“ in the front, but still covers the tummy area quite adequately.

Note: Always make sure the corset is not too long for your torso when ordering. No point in buying something you can't sit down in.

It is boned with spiral steel at the sides and front and flat steel in the back. Steel busk. Single boned as opposed to the double boning featured in the previous corset. I thought it would feel different, perhaps less strong, but no, it is very sturdy indeed. Extremely comfortable to sit in. The weird thing is, I thought I was getting a half bust corset. If you look at the picture, it definitely covers the bust. My boyfriend thought it was a man wearing it xD. Luckily I am only testing the quality and general appearance, so I won't be seeking a refund. It’s a good corset, they just don't say in the auction whether it's half bust or under bust, and the picture is misleading. It does say ‘waist cincher’ but that is used incorrectly A LOT.

Bottom Line: Was it a genuine corset? Yep. Worth the money? I practically stole it for $11.05. Suitable for waist training? That's a waiting game. A few people have said that satin is an impractical fabric for a waist training corset. But the corset feels strong enough to shape my figure. It seems to be made by the same manufacturer as the previous corset, but sold by a different retailer. The question is raised, why does this corset have waist tape, but the other double boned corset did not? Oh well. It's still a great corset. Much more low key and can be worn with a wider range of clothing because it‘s a solid color. I love the blue & black panels on the other, but it looks awful with any sort of pattern or dot.

Overall + & -


Quick shipping

Well made, sturdy corset

Real steel boning & busk

Waist tape

Great fit for an off the rack corset



Wrinkly panels ( the picture for this auction could be another corset entirely, so there was no expectation of wrinkliness)

Wow, only one con this time. It was a bit of a surprise to get another corset from the same manufacturer ( I think), the next corset I review will definitely be from a new source. Custom is always best, but this corset is definitely a good deal. 

The next few corsets will also be off the rack, but in a few months I will be reviewing a couple of custom jobs by amazing ladies, so I am very excited about that.* I am only reviewing corsets that claim to be fully steel boned and suitable for waist training, so thanks for the suggestions. Keep ‘em coming, if I get one that meets those requirements & is under $50 I'll probably review it. Also, does anyone want a video showing how I lace a new corset? Leave a comment on the blog if so. 

Waist Training Progress

I've been breaking in this corset for a few hours each day, and then lacing up the blue one for the remainder, so as not to upset my waist training schedule. The difference in comfort level is definitely noticeable. They both feel good but the blue one has molded to my body nicely. Hopefully this one follows suit, it will add to the life expectancy of my corsets if I can alternate. I am still lacing up to a barely snug level. This is just my opinion and my personal waist training regimen, but I feel that it's best to build up the hours that you can wear you corset slowly, and then increase the tightness even more slowly. Only after I have begun wearing a corset for 23 hours a day, and it starts to feel looser at 29", will I then begin to wear it at 28".  And so on & so forth, until I reach my goal.

I can wear the blue corset for 12 hours at a time. I did not actually experience any discomfort, but I do not wish to sleep in it just yet, so I take it off and let it lie flat and air out. I always wear some form of clothing beneath my corsets. I feel that corset liners are a bit ridiculous to buy if you are on a budget. I wear long tank tops under my corset, and when I want to wear a backless dress or something that would look better without a corset over it, I wear a tube top beneath the corset, and the fancy clothes over it. No one can tell I'm wearing a corset, & the overall look is fabulous :)

*--no, the custom corsets are not under $50 :)

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